Blast From The Past 90's Baddie Box

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They just don’t make them like they used to, so instead of sulking about the good old days, travel back in time and enjoy the great innovations from our Blast from the Past 90’s Baddie Box. Channel the best moments of childhood with up to 15 items spanning from Lisa Frank, to the original Slap Bracelets, Vintage Keychains, Troll Dolls, and so much more. What makes this Blast from the Past Box even more nostalgic, is the packaging. We all had those transparent sparkle pencil boxes that we loved so much, well now they’re back and available in pink, green, blue, orange, and clear. Choose your favorite colored box when you make your purchase and store all of your goodies inside. With free shipping on all orders, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants a walk down memory lane.

* Top Products from the 90’s

* Free Shipping

* 20 Items in Each Box

 * Authentic 90’s Packaging