90's Mega Baddie Box

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Let your nostalgia hit an all time high with our 90’s Mega Baddie Box. There’s no doubt that this decade created everything we once adored and still love from the 90’s, but now you get to make even more memories with your favorite throwback items. From Lisa Frank, to the original Slap Bracelets, Vintage Keychains, Troll Dolls, and so much more, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a 90’s oasis with all the best trinkets from simpler times. Get your 90’s Mega Baddie Box and feel like a kid again with popular collectable items that were always on any must have list back in the day. Best of all, each box ships for free!

* Top Products from the 90’s

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*30 Items in Each Box

*Authentic 90’s Packaging